Mobile markets


In this article we will talk about Mobile markets , an Italian company present in the area since 1957, and since 2018 merged with the group Moretti home industry.
We will show you what are the company qualities that distinguish it, and its prerogatives in the standards of Moretti artisan ethics.


The company, like every sector of Moretti Home, specializes in home furnishings night space with handcrafted furniture and cabinets.
Which are produced with quality materials such as Honeycomb wood which allows for greater lightness but at the same time robustness and elegance.
Precious materials such as the honeycomb also allows you to express your own handcrafted style with its tangible quality to the eye.
All this makes our sleeping environment safe and comfortable, positively influencing your rest.


The design that characterizes this company is the result of an internal organicity, and of an active cooperation between the craftsmen and the designers.
This makes possible not only a rare style of quality craftsmanship, but also a shorter production time.
In fact, everything is delivered in 30 days covered by a 10-year guarantee.
And you can see the aesthetic appeal of Mercantini furnishings in our catalogues, since each solution has been studied by our interior design experts.
Thus guaranteeing you not only the value of a craftsman's workforce, but also a sophisticated and classy style.
Each night furniture is made respecting the design of the reference wardrobe, creating one homogeneous style throughout the house.
We offer you the possibility to choose between 12 groups of dressers and bedside tables and 24 types of bed, according to your style or your needs.
You will have a range of 16 colors available choosing from our brochures, or you can opt for hand-made painting such as the metallic effect.

Paints are analergic and ecological as well as the materials used to make the furniture. We give the possibility to customize each piece of furniture, and to create tailor-made cuts for the most varied needs. In the ethics of this company there is personality, comfort and elegance, improving ourselves through daily living.


What distinguishes Mercatini mobili, like the rest of the Moretti company, is the care and the respect for the environment.
In fact, in our factories we use only photovoltaic panels for energy needs, guaranteeing an increasingly low environmental impact.
Since even if the company grows as evidenced by the acquisition of mobile merchants in 2018, it does so in respect for nature.
And in the same way we treat the home environment of our customers using non-allergenic and eco-sustainable materials.
Giving an environment healthy and safe inside and outside your walls, as our well-being depends on our surroundings.


Mobile Mercantini not only safeguard  its own craftsmanship, but it is also cutting edge on contemporary needs by merging tradition and modernity together.
In fact, you will find innovative models that will allow you to fully experience the pragmatism of our days, but with the quality craftsmanship than once.

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